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Branding you and your website with WordPress, Part Zero


Welcome to the first post about branding yourself and your website using WordPress.

My name is R. K. Bentley and if you found this site then you can see I run a freelance graphic design studio, RKB Studios. It’s here where I specialize in WordPress installations, rebranding and general website design.

I’ve decided to start a blog here and not over on my personal blog, RKB Writes, because I feel branding with WordPress is better suited for the design site.

Why a blog series on branding?

Many would-be entrepreneurs have no business plan or branding idea until after they’re spend time on getting their name out there only to then walk back and build themselves up.

The business plan begins with an idea.

This idea needs a name.

A name for: A comic book. A novel. A gardening website.

Any sort of business wants repeat customers to visit a spiffy looking website.

But how do you get there?

My goal is to give you an overview of how to start things without getting too much into the weeds. So these posts will be simple read while giving you enough information.

I should mention these posts are not a be all and end all. I am not lawyer nor do I play one on t.v..

Some of this may sound familiar on occasion due to hearing suggestions on podcasts, books or other websites. I’ll link back when I can.

Step 0


Why do I need a brand myself?

A.) Because even Apple, IBM, Google and Stephanie Meyers had to start somewhere.

B.) You get this step out of the way now you don’t have to do it later.

This’ll be the hardest step and a time sink but once you have a name for the comic, novel or underwater basketweaving site you can move on.

At least you can move on when you find the name hasn’t been taken.

Even if you re-brand later, people will remember you as (brand name) person. No pressure. Nope. None at all.

Once you have a brand name, write down a few more suggestions and few more after that.

It is always best to have an extra name just in case someone has taken it.

Once you google the name and find no one has taken the website then you buy the domain name and start looking for the next coveted name spot: social media.

Yes, I said social media.

Social media is not as bad as it sounds because: that’s where your audience is.

And why are they there?


Social media is free.

It’s the 80’s computer bulletin board system (BBS…ask your parents) all over again just with a better User Interface (UI).

In closing, what makes a good name?

Simplicity makes a good name.

Make a list of names for your brand in either Excel or on paper & pencil. Find ones that aren’t taken.

This may take a good long time and it should. No one said this job was easy. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

Once you have your name it leads to the . . .

Next Step

Next time, we’ll cover: I have a name now what?

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