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RKB Studios 2.0

Welcome back to RKB Studios.

Please don’t mind the dust as there are some changes going on right now.

I’ve decided to jump into the deep end of the pool of ebook pre-made covers.

The store is still being updated with covers and formatting options.

I’ll be offering pre-made ebook/paperback covers and formatting options as well.

More news as it happens…

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Rah-Coco’s Collectables

Regan Hurst, owner of Rah-Coco’s Collectables was in need a website overhaul.

Instead of using my original and now out of date Dreamweaver creation, it was felt WordPress would better suit his needs with it’s dynamic page design and social networking plugins.

Images from the store along with information from Mister Hurst helped give users enough information about the store.

An event page covering in store events like Free Comic Book Day was created and pre-made assets from a local artist was used.

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Air Ventures RI

Air Ventures’s website is the brainchild of fellow NEIT Alumni Doug Auclair.

The original site was a static designed in Illustrator and put together in Dreamweaver.

Doug wished to have a more dynamic site that could easily cross-post to the Air Ventures’ popular Facebook page.

Doug and co-owner Jacob had several requests that were easily doable through WordPress’s plugins. The photos used came from Doug while flying with students.

In the end, the website met with everyone’s approval and has since been updated by the Air Ventures’s staff.